(image from nytimes.com-photo credit: Paul Rogers)
(image from nytimes.com-photo credit: Paul Rogers)

The Right Way to Say ‘I’m Sorry’: This article, which is posted on the New York Times website, elaborates on the complexities of the age old expression, “I’m Sorry.” Harriet Lerner, bestselling author of the book, The Dance of Anger, is also quoted in this enlightening piece. Her fresh take on the concept of forgiveness is definitely worth a read.

Some time ago I wrote a blog entitled, Stop Asking For My Forgiveness as a way to make sense of the emotionally loaded, often misunderstood topic of forgiveness. I discovered that for me, forgiveness is not a “supposed to” or a “should.” And, it isn’t a place I have to rush to get to in order to save my soul because the bible says so.

However the article did trigger a few questions for me:

Do we always need to ask for forgiveness, or is a sincere apology enough?

Do we require the other party to approach us and humbly ask our forgiveness? (Because an apology, no matter how sincere, doesn’t cut it?)