The frustrated flip-flopper's Muse(photo credit:
The frustrated flip-flopper’s Muse(photo credit:

A short time ago I was kindly introduced to the Muse featured in this image by an intuitive and wise spiritual guide who goes by the moniker, Dear James. This was during my own “dark night”—a time when I felt hopeless and scared and completely unsupported.

I was a woman in crisis; every aspect of the life I used to know appeared to be crumbling and disintegrating around me. I was prepared to do something drastic, which would have led to unnecessary spiraling and more unneeded dramas. But desperate times called for desperate measures and I was in need of a life raft.

That was the day I tuned into the radio show that eventually led to my meet up with the Muse.

The Muse is not a physical representation, but rather a spiritual aspect of me.  She serves as a metaphor for my life.

The Muse is here to redirect me during those times when I’ve gotten too far in my head, unsure of how to find my way out.

The Muse is an instrument of healing, reminding me to stay true to the “real” me no matter how frightening, because this is why I’m here.

Looking closely at the image of the Muse, one can see the different astrological aspects that are at play. These are the signposts which provide the map of my soul, highlighting the path I’m meant to be on.

If I happen to lose my way, I need only to remember to look to the stars. As on Earth as it is in Heaven—the Universe. What appears to be “out there” is also contained within all of us.

The Muse reminds me why it’s important to stay true to the purpose and plan for this life I’ve been given; and to remember to connect with those innate tools that are here to assist me in successfully navigating my life’s path. These are my strengths and my gifts. It’s time to bring them out. It’s time to shine. This is true for you as well.

In honor of the Muse, I’ve featured her picture as my profile on a couple of social networks. While the image is not the actual me, what it represents, is.

Thank you Dear James for the gift of the Muse.