“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” Steve Jobs ~copyright-signature-in-color

When we woke up today we had a gift. It’s the same gift from yesterday, and last week, and last month, and last year, and so on. Actually this gift is part of a set of many gifts bestowed upon us at the time we made our grand entrance into the world.

Today however, we shoved the gift down as far as it would go, thinking we’d snuffed it out for good. But like those zombie people in the movies, the darned thing keeps coming back stronger and more determined.

Today we decided once again to have that little talk with ourselves — a reality check per se:

“Listen here, You. I don’t have time for this right now. I’ve got a job, responsibilities, and a whole list of things I have to accomplish before I die. I just don’t have the luxury to take on anything so frivolous at this point in my life; people are counting on me.”

There is silence. You continue reasoning:

“Yeah I’m aware there’s a few things I’m really good at — lots of people tell me they wish they had my particular talents. But let’s face it : none of these gifts you’re referring to are guaranteed to pay my bills. Plus I’m not willing to commit career suicide with me being so close to retirement and all. Did you know I’ve only got twenty more years before I’m finally done with the rat race? Maybe I’ll look into this thing you’re pushing me to do once I retire. Right now? I’m fine with keeping You as a hobby.”

The Heart speaks:

Here are some questions I’d like for you to consider. Give yourself a few moments before answering. If it helps, feel free to place your hand over your Heart while asking these questions.

  1. Why wouldn’t your art, your talents, and your gifts support your life?
  2. Are you working “for” money now? Are you working to earn or make a living?
  3. Do you love or even like your j.o.b.? Do you wake up each day looking forward to this j.o.b.?
  4. Do you believe in the mission of the organization you currently work for?
  5. Is it possible to have the same expectations of your gifts and talents as you do of your j.o.b.?
  6. Is the traditional path of a j.o.b. the only way to support your life?
  7. How much of your energy is being depleted on a daily basis as the result of having to report to this j.o.b.?
  8. What’s with all the modesty here? You’re not expecting too much by demanding more from your innate gifts and talents — you were born with them! You came to the planet to activate and share your gifts. Time to start expecting your art, your talents, and your gifts to support your life.
  9. Can you count on your j.o.b. to unconditionally support the ideals of spontaneity and expansion? Do you have the freedom to travel whenever you want, or be on your own schedule?
  10. Has your j.o.b. placed a cap on your earnings without any regard as to how hard or how long you’ve worked? Are you required to sacrifice even more of your precious time and energy in exchange for a few dollars more?

Your art, your talents, and your gifts are your Divine inheritance. They are meant to support you, and there’s nothing you have to do to “deserve” this.

The Heart is definitely speaking to us in a language that transcends all logic. We take it all in, but we’re doubtful. A thousand times we’ve been told that the things we love doing, the things that really ignite us — things like sculpting, playing music, writing, dancing, acting, and the like — are not the kinds of things that will ultimately make us a “good living.” And now the Heart is telling us that all we need is the willingness to commit to our art, talents, and gifts? That’s it? This sounds too good and way too airy-fairy to be true.

Just as we’re about to write this entire conversation off as a flight of fancy (it’s all in our heads, right?), the Heart continues:

You ask how your art, talents, and gifts are supposed to provide support for your life? Through your allowance and engagement of them, that’s how.

Become aware of the variety of ways your gifts are made manifest in everyday life. Your allowance of these energies can serve to liberate you from everyone else’s warnings and fears about your unknown future. How could they possibly know, when odds are they haven’t performed any acts of derring-do in their own lives?

In what ways are the energies of your gifts and talents seeking to emerge through you?

What opportunities are being presented that you’re not noticing?

Are you open to being surprised?

Our logic is telling us one thing while our heart is saying another. Usually the almighty logic wins out; however this time is different. This time the Heart is louder, more insistent.

We yearn for the expression of our truth because our bodies will no longer tolerate its constraint. Denial of our truth affects our digestive tracts by way of ulcers and IBS and GERD. Migraines, backaches, and mild depression are other signals our bodies give us. Though we can choose to ignore these not-so-subtle warnings, eventually we’ll find ourselves becoming increasingly restless and resentful, and finally…chronically ill.

Of course on the flip side, we can choose to be what the brilliant writer Cheryl Strayed refers to as “Brave Enough” to follow our heart’s lead by affirming:

I Am awake now.

My gifts can support my life, and I in turn will support my gifts by allowing them to be expressed through me.

My gifts and talents inspire me to be a better version of myself which in turn empowers those around me, inspiring them to have the courage to follow their hearts.

My gifts and talents were meant to be shared in the same way others have been willing to share their gifts with the world.

Sharing one’s gifts with the world really is an act of daring that requires more than a little audacity .  More specifically, it requires our remembrance of them.

We may have forgotten that each of us came to the planet equipped with gifts that are part and parcel of our missions here on Earth. Our gifts are not afterthoughts to be practiced or “hobbied” whenever there’s time. We were meant to use our gifts and talents in connection with our life’s purposes — why else would our souls burn with such desire when we’re not actively engaged in expressing them? And why else are we so utterly miserable in our current j.ob.’s.?

Time for us to take that leap, make that discovery, and garner the courage to bring whatever our “it” is, into fruition. We only live once, right?